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Our Story

Our Story

We believe in the ease of buying less and choosing well. We started Theo + George to help people get more from life with less, by providing a timeless collection of wardrobe essentials that makes Everyday Effortless.

We designed a collection of better basics that are adaptive and work together. We embrace slow fashion so we are considered and timeless. Our goal in creating each collection is to empower our consumers to remove a layer of clutter from their world leaving space for more joy from just living life.

We make exceptionally crafted comfortable clothes to help you look good, feel good and focus on the things in life that matter. Our clothes are made to move. But we move softly and tread carefully. Our design process keeps textile and social responsibility in mind every step of the way so that our customers don’t have to. The end result is beautifully designed, crafted, comfortable clothes that are sustainable, durable and built to last.

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The Company

Theo + George was founded in 2013 by Katie O’Riordan, a busy working mother of three. Katie, originally from Philadelphia, honed her craft by managing the outerwear department for a leading multinational sportswear company in the US, before settling in Ireland. With a degree in physics and a background in architecture and fashion, Katie has taken her unique skills and applied them to her life’s passion. She has received increasing recognition for her work in the fashion industry - in 2015 she made the shortlist for the IDI Universal Design Award and was awarded the title of 2017 IFIA Fashion Designer of the Year.

Progressive and self-starting, Katie was determined to create a collection that shares her own values of simplicity and sustainability while also being durable and easy to wear. As a busy mom of three, she recognises the value of a life made easier and is driven to share this principle with others through her curated and crafted collection of clothes designed to work together.

Theo + George is an ambitious company with global aspirations.

We are based in Dublin, a city full of fun, progressive thinkers and doers but also a city that remains rooted in tradition with ample opportunity for growth and discovery.

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Theo + George

Our Philosophy...

We Are Open

We tell the truth about what and how we do things. We’re not perfect, but we are restless in our journey to get there. We are open about our pricing, open about our factories, open about our progress.

We Are Positive

We believe life is about positive progress and enjoying every second. It’s not a dress rehearsal. We believe that clothes should allow you to move freely and live fully. Rules on what you’re expected to wear are outdated.

We Are Enterprising

We always question, always ask why, always move forward. We believe life’s too short for fake cheese and fake people, so we never sacrifice quality for convenience. We believe in craft and timeless quality. We like good, but we love great. We never settle.

We Are Respectful

We believe in sourcing ethically, committing to causes and challenging culture. We believe that buying fewer items that are more durable, timeless and made in fair conditions will actually save you money. We believe in buying clothes that spark joy but also help you be the best you.

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Our Story
Theo + George
Theo + George
Theo + George

Standout Fabrics

Our custom blended tee fabric has reduced odour retention and shrinkage properties. It will also stay soft and keep its colour longer than a 100% cotton tee. In addition, it will resist wrinkles, will have a smoother finish and be less likely to pill.

We pride ourselves on working with the best cashmere factories in the world. Our cashmere partners offer 100% traceability and control over the production process by having built a network of in-house and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) approved factories for each step of cashmere chain of production. They buy their cashmere fibres directly from the herdsman from Tibet and Inner Mongolia, who have made sure to look after the health of their goats, and the careful combing of the hair to protect their skin - healthy goats are necessary for high-quality cashmere fibres year after year!

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Theo + George


We believe in transparency and sustainable manufacturing practices. Our team has travelled the world to find the best manufacturing partners. We’ve chosen our partners with exceptional care. Each one maintains the highest ethical and sustainable production standards. Our people have met their people, so we know that workers are paid and treated fairly.

We care. About you, about the environment, about the people that work for us, the people that sew for us, and the impact our clothes make on you and our world. Our decisions have a lasting impact so we’re careful to make the right ones. Even though we’re small, our ambitions and commitment to responsibility within the industry are integral to who we are and will grow and expand as we do.

See, business responsibility comes naturally to us. It’s how we think and it drives how we approach things – from product origin, to supply chains, to just simply the way we interact with people. We believe in decent behaviour and in giving more than we take. Not just because it’s a new trend, but because it’s who we are and what we do.

Timeless and High Quality

We’re against the disposable economy. in fact, we believe deeply in craft. The Japanese term, monozukuri, meaning the art craft and science of making things, is intrinsic to all of our designs. using this philosophy to drive our process, we take the time to create timeless pieces that possess the structural integrity to last. We support the idea of buying less and choosing well.

Supply Chain Transparency

The commitment to business responsibility comes naturally to us, and we’re ready to put in the required initiative, work, and research it takes to build, maintain and grow our network of like-minded suppliers. We gladly give the consumer insight into our operations, and welcome questions, but we do this without making it the focus of our company. responsibility is a core aspect of our company ethos, but the craft of our clothing is our priority.

Sustainable Packaging

Hours of thought have gone into developing our packaging – our goals being to create an exciting and authentic experience for the customer while remaining true to our commitment to never send unnecessary waste. All of our packaging is reusable and/or recyclable.

Recycling Partnership

We’ve partnered with a textile recycling company in Dublin who have access to 1500 recycling banks across Ireland. To encourage our consumers to recycle unwanted textiles we provide each Irish customer with their nearest recycling bank location. We’ve invested in this initiative in an effort to help relieve some of the negative effects of the disposal economy and to remind our customers of the importance of buying less and choosing well.

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